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Economy putting the squeeze on investment – don’t neglect Workforce Management!

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– 25 October 2016, Business Spread

With South Africa’s economy under intense pressure and the fallout of socio-political uncertainty impacting significantly on investment, the business climate is volatile to say the least. However, while most companies are holding back on spending and are looking to save, the reality is that it is a mistake to overlook the critical importance of workforce management solutions to optimise processes and optimise businesses in tougher times in particular.

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Shop floor data collection

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– By Jessica Winterbach, Uniclox Technologies.

Within your company it is of utmost importance to track and manage the performance of your staff as well as the use of resources. Shop floor data collection is the process of monitoring production and staff productivity within your business, allowing you to measure outcomes and deliverables against results. With this solution you will be able to track time taken to complete tasks as well as provide you with assistance in labour disputes as you will be able to provide detailed, factual reports on the performance of your staff during shifts or working hours. Read More


Holistic approach to people management

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April 2016, Access Control & Identity Management, Integrated Solutions, Security Services & Risk Management
– By Allyson Koekhoven.

Access control, time and attendance, payroll and surveillance systems all play an important role in the overall aspect of human resource management in organisations. However, the glue that binds these elements together and extrapolates critical business data, is the workforce management system. Read More


The essence of effective workforce management

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– Marketing Spread

Achieving solid and reliable workforce management is about using the right technology and applying the right approach. Human Capital Management (HCM) and HR services and solutions specialist AWM360 Data Systems is focused on helping companies position workforce management technology integrated with ERP strategies to grow their businesses. Read More