AfriSam, South Africa

AWM360 Data Systems optimizes business processes using SAP and Kaba at AfriSam

AfriSam (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd., previously Holcim (South Africa) (Ltd.) Pty, is one of the leading suppliers of cement, concrete and construction material in Southern Africa, employing more than 2500 people. The product range comprises cement, ready-mixed, concrete products and aggregates as well as dry mortar and construction chemical products.

AfriSam, being a renowned customer of the South African SAP consulting company Swicon360 (Pty) Ltd., has been using the ERP solution SAP R/3 for more than 10 years. AfriSam has always aimed at simplifying and optimizing internal business processes, particularly in the domains of human resources management, time recording and access control. By reason of its know-how and experience, Swicon360 was assigned to develop a convincing concept to meet these requirements, incorporating Kaba´s reputation as an internationally leading hardware supplier for SAP subsystems for data collection.

The solution presented to AfriSam has met all expectations and the ambitious project has been implemented in its entireness. The RFID System LEGIC was chosen as the standard medium for data collection.

AfriSam Ltd. has production sites in South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho and Namibia; all of them have been equipped with Kaba Benzing terminals B-Net 93 20 and connected online to a central SAP-server in Johannesburg. Presently, more than 150 terminals for indoor and outdoor use have been installed at these sites.

The access control and time recording functions of the B-Net 93 20 are being used in an optimal way. In case of vast premises, the access control is used in the entrance area. As, in this case, the employee may arrive at his workplace 15 minutes later, time booking is recorded on the B-Net 93 20.

The implementation of this solution has resulted in the following benefits for AfriSam:

  • integration of time recording and access control into their SAP processes
  • simplified and efficient operational processes
  • decentral time recording is consolidated centrally for payroll accounting
  • controlled access to premises

The implementation of the project was realized by our partner AWM360 Data Systems (Pty) Ltd., formerly part of Swicon360 Group.

AWM360 Data Systems (Pty) Ltd. has been established by Guenter Nerlich, a former director at Swicon360 (Pty) Ltd. AWM360 is focused on emerging and established businesses that require service and support in order to leverage off innovative and state-of-the-art Access-, Workforce Management- and Enterprise Data Collection solutions. The company has taken over sole distributorship as a certified partner of a wide range of hardware and software solutions manufactured by Kaba to the local market.

This distributorship was formerly the responsibility and exclusive domain of Swicon360, where Guenter Nerlich was in charge of the respective business area. Swicon360 is an established business technology partner and solution provider within the international Human Capital Management (HCM), HR and payroll markets.

The move from Swicon360 to establish a new business was a very positive step that reflects the maturity of the market and the growing appreciation for this level of Kaba technology and system management.

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