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Leveraging ERP investment with WFM

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– Access Control & Identity Management

Many companies have an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system in place but fail to leverage its potential for saving them manpower costs and boosting productivity. Guenter Nerlich, managing director of AWM360 Data Systems, says that workforce management (WFM) systems provide the ideal synergistic tool to enhance the efficacy of ERP investment.

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AfriSam to expand WFM solution in Africa

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– IT-Online

South Africa’s first and long-standing AWM360 Data Systems SAP client AfriSam, a leading supplier of construction materials and technical solutions, expanded its existing Kaba WFM solution into Tanzania and is using Kaba’s biometric- and card-based SAP-certified and integrated solution (using B-Web 9300 terminals) to ensure seamless operation into a new environment. Read More


AWM360 and AdaptIT to engage SAP ERP market on Kaba Workforce Management solutions

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– Marketing Spread

AWM360, an exclusive distributor of Kaba Workforce Management-, T&A and access control solutions, together with executives from partners Kaba GmbH, Germany,  and Adapt IT, Johannesburg,  will meet with local business leaders to discuss why the Kaba SAP-certified integrated solution is a game-changer in the Workforce Management solutions arena. Read More