AWM360 Data Systems – South Africa’s all round Workforce Management solutions provider

One irrefutable truth about the local Human Capital Management (HCM) and Workforce Management markets is that these are critical to the sustainability and growth of businesses competing in today’s marketplace. It speaks to the relevance and growing significance of Workforce Management solutions that are integrated with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) strategies.

It also underlines the importance of having the right alliances in place – partnerships with service providers that have proven expertise, market experience and the right credentials to add immediate, sustainable value.

AWM360 Data Systems (Pty) Ltd. fits this description.

The company was started in 2010 and is an established business technology partner and solution provider within the Southern African HCM and Workforce Management Solutions markets.

AWM360 Data Systems is focused on emerging and established businesses that require service and support in order to leverage off innovative and state-of-the-art Access-, Workforce Management- and Enterprise Data Collection solutions.

Given the level of opportunity that exists within ICT services and the fact that this is a high growth market, it is not surprising that more operators are emerging on a regular basis.

AWM360 Data Systems sets itself apart from competitors by virtue of the fact that it has taken over sole distributorship of a wide range of hardware and software solutions manufactured by Kaba AG, Switzerland, to the Southern African market.

The Kaba difference

The Kaba Group is a global, listed company and leader in the worldwide security industry based in Switzerland. The company’s access control, time and attendance and shop floor data collection solutions are deployed at commercial premises, facilities and sites and its portfolio of personnel and enterprise data collection solutions are designed to meet customer requirements for security, organisation and convenience.

AWM360 Data Systems and Kaba have a unique distribution agreement in place.

As sole distributor of Kaba solutions to Southern Africa, AWM360 Data Systems is positioned at the forefront of security and data collection in the region. It is the trusted partner to clients that want to leverage off integrated ERP-integrated workforce technology to boost operations.

“We know that businesses want the benefit of integration and cohesive communications infrastructure – and that infrastructure must be linked to their ERP strategies. The way this technology is laid out has a profound impact on the efficiency of business disciplines like access control and time and attendance,” explains Guenter Nerlich, Founder and Managing Director, AWM360 Data Systems.

With his background in the development of a successful workforce management competence in SAP, Nerlich has extracted the value of years of market experience and in-depth product knowledge to focus on the growth and sustainability of AWM360 Data Systems.

Having been educated in Zurich, Switzerland, and successfully fulfilled a number of roles across the country’s commercial landscape, Nerlich moved to South Africa in 2003 to become Executive Director at Swicon360 (Pty) Ltd., a leading SAP HCM consulting and implementation company based in Bryanston.

In this position, in 2005 he initiated a partnership with Switzerland-based Kaba to rollout its products and services locally as a natural fit to the existing offering of Swicon360.

In 2010 Nerlich left Swicon360 and founded AWM360 Data Systems (Pty) Ltd. to concentrate solely on Kaba Workforce Management solutions.

It is fitting that the two companies celebrate their two-year partnership milestone in 2013.

Over a period of 24 months, the partnership has yielded a positive response from the market and is now established as a force to be reckoned with.

Nerlich says the alliance adds immediate value by exposing clients to the latest global workforce management infrastructure and services, which automatically means competitive advantage.

“There is a growing demand in this market … and we aim to serve as the premier partner to meet this need,” he comments.

Nerlich looks forward to meeting the ever-increasing need for streamlined, organised workforce management across Southern African businesses.

“It is a dynamic and unique environment that regularly tests a service provider’s agility, ability and business acumen. We more than meet this criteria and look forward to engaging new partners going forward,” he adds.