AWM360 offers Kaba biometric reader

– IT Online

AWM360 Data Systems, a local technology solutions provider and one of just a handful of global Kaba AG reseller partners, announces the availability of the Kaba B-Web 91 05 FP Biometric terminal for access control and time recording.

This latest addition to the Kaba AG stable serves as an extension of a business’ existing access control infrastructure and can be used to link up with other Kaba access manager solutions to strengthen this facet of business management.

The solution features Kaba’s internationally recognised design for easy installation to ensure simple, secure and convenient operation.

Executive leadership at AWM360 Data Systems, focused on the Southern Africa Human Capital Management (HCM) and workforce management solution markets, says the access control market, underpinned by personal identification and security system, is one of the more active within the ICT sector. It is being driven by the growing need to digitise traditional processes and integrate biometric technology.

The Kaba B-Web 91 05 FP Biometric Reader helps clients comply with regulation in terms of data management, storage and retrieval, as well as to ensure accuracy and authenticity of data captured.

Biometric fingerprint identification information cannot be forgotten, lost, stolen or passed on to a third party for further use and therefore the solution offers secure and unique identification of people.

“This is an effective solution that also saves on costs because there are fewer erroneous entries and resulting corrections,” explains Guenter Nerlich, MD, AWM360 Data Systems. “It also eliminates traditional manual systems and the need for identification cards or badges, which also expedites the process.”

There are five operating modes available, including; biometric verification (template on additional card); biometric identification (ID comparison); as well as mixed operation verification template on card/ ID Comparison.

The solution also features Morpho fingerprint sensor technology; three sizes of biometric fingerprint storage capacity and convenient operation with proximity sensor.

“This is a versatile, flexible and powerful biometric based access control solution that will add immediate value to the market,” adds Nerlich.