AWM360 ready to roll with biometrics

– Access Control, Identity Management

The ongoing focus by businesses on security and the integration of systems to better protect resources is driving adoption of biometric technology across the African and Southern African market.

Experienced professionals in this high-growth marketplace suggest as the demand for Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions increase (fuelled by the cost saving element and the replacement of older card-based installations), so too will the opportunities to make volume for service providers – along with the pressure to perform.

Guenter Nerlich, MD, AWM360 Data Systems, says there is great potential for companies and corporations to save on payroll and other HCM-related costs.

“When we speak of credible biometric solutions, we immediately identify factors such as automation, accuracy, speed and convergence. These are elements that will enhance HCM and workforce management in business. Cost-saving is associated with this technology because of the reduction in pressure on resources, a more streamlined, efficient and more productive way of managing resources. There is opportunity, but service providers will have to know what they are doing.”

AWM360 Data Systems was started in 2010 and is an established business technology partner and solution provider within the Southern African HCM and workforce management solutions markets.

The company is focused on emerging and established businesses that require service and support in order to leverage off innovative and state-of-the-art Access-, Workforce Management- and Enterprise Data Collection solutions.

“There are a variety of biometric-based solutions available, which cover the entire spectrum of the market – from lower-end, security-minded to the full security-conscious user or company. Most effective and sustainable solutions are of higher quality and allow for deeper integration into existing ERP solutions,” Nerlich adds.

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