AWM360 rounds off service with Abiscan partnership

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– ITOnline

Workforce management, access and enterprise data collection solutions AWM360 Data Systems has partnered with Abiscan, a service provider within off balance sheet financing of technology, to offer clients an add-on service.

Through the partnership, clients are able to take advantage of an alternative financing mechanism in order to procure technology.

AWM360’s clients will utilise Abiscan’s financial options to protect their cash flow and provide a means to grow further.

Abiscan partners with enterprises that offer unique solutions, world-class products and has a client satisfaction ethos.

As the partners explain, enterprises have seen the need to own technology which has traditionally been acquired by means of CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) through alternative funding mechanisms and an OPEX approach is fast becoming more affordable to use for this purpose.

The trend in the market is to preserve cash or use hard earned cash on assets and projects that generate income rather than on technology that depreciates and rapidly changes.

To that end, Abiscan is able to finance AWM360’s clients by means of various classification methods, most notably via and Operating Lease, also known as a Rental.

AWM360’s clients do not have to provide the full cash required to acquire the proposed solution, but would be able to defer the payment over an agreed period of time e.g. 24/36/48/60 months.

By using an operating lease, the clients transfer the financial burden from their balance sheets as the operating lease is reported as an operating expense in the income statement. A master agreement is put in place along with a pre-approved facility that can be accessed should the client wish to expand the solution or acquire other technology.

Abiscan’s knowledge of the industry provides AWM360’s customers with practical understanding of their market and so will augur well with their needs.
“After doing market research and applying the “filter” of best-of-breed, world-class solutions, industry type and overall ethos of AWM360 this partnership was agreed and entered into,” says Guenter Nerlich, MD and founder of AWM360.