Entertainment company uses AWM360 solution

– ITOnline

A leading South Africa-based global gaming and casino group has acquired the services of AWM360 Data Systems to implement Kaba’s robust, easily managed biometric and SAP-integrated time and attendance solution. The result has been enhanced access control, security and T&A at strategic entertainment venues, beginning with a strategic, flagship location in Gauteng.

AWM360 Data Systems is a recognised provider of technology focused on human capital management (HCM) and workforce management solutions. The company is an exclusive local distributor of Kaba access control and T&A solutions, a globally established product range. Its client sought to partner with an experienced service provider that could guarantee access to a cost efficient, biometric product range, as well as possess intricate knowledge of the value the solution offers and ensure a reliable level of local support.

The entertainment group also required that any prospective partner have a high level of experience in biometric infrastructure implementation and support across a wide variety of environments. A potential partner had to understand the dynamics and unique challenges the gaming and hospitality sector represents, according to the client’s HR management.

As far as access control and T&A is concerned, the gaming environment presents a number of challenges, including sophisticated industry-related shift patterns and work schedules. It is an industry in which many staff rely heavily on public transport, lift schemes and car pools – which means that access and T&A have to be regulated with precision and accuracy.

Given that the environment is also cash-and payroll intensive, the biometric technology deployed would have to cater to strict supervisory and regulatory requirements, including regular security checks and heightened access control to sensitive areas.

Any installation would have to take into account gaming industry regulations, which dictate that no work can be done for more than two hours at any given time on any one game. This would mean that any work would have to be coordinated in accordance with a strict schedule and take into account the daily operation of the establishment. There could be no interruption to the core operation.

Scheduling the installation of biometric terminal hardware to suit the ERP requirements of this environment would require a partner with vast experience and sound technical expertise.