Latest in time recording terminal technology available through AWM360

For businesses seeking to invest in the most up-to-date, multi-functional and flexible time recording terminal infrastructure, AWM360 has available high-tech solution, the B-web 96 00, manufactured by its global partner Kaba AG Switzerland.

Kaba AG is a leading manufacturer worldwide of products for Enterprise Data Collection (EDC), the collection and processing of all safety-and time-relevant company data for measuring, visualising and optimising targets and risks of the company.

AWM360 is a local business technology partner and solution provider within the Southern African Human Capital Management (HCM) and Workforce Management Solutions markets. It has taken over sole distributorship of a wide range of hardware and software solutions manufactured by Kaba AG to the Southern African region.

The B-web 96 00 is an ideal entry-level solution for simple time recording and access control applications. The product serves as a replacement to the previous Kaba Benzing time terminal and is designed for small-to-medium operations or as a branch solution.

Ease-of-use and flexibility are two of the main benefits associated with this product. Installation is done in a matter of one click supported by an installation kit. Integration into the host system is carried out via Ethernet interface, with power supply from Power over Ethernet (PoE), or a switching power supply. B-web 96 00 has an integrated RFID-reader (LEGIC, MIFARE).

In terms of flexibility, users have the option to connect additional external reading devices such as a barcode scanner via a mini USB connection. The new terminal comes with a built-in loudspeaker and supports current audio formats to facilitate direct communication with employees.

Kaba AG provides the market with several options/ packages within the B-web 96 00 range – the B-web 96 20, B-web 96 40 and B-web 96 60.

B-web 96 20 is designed for entry-level time recording environments and the B-web 96 40 is targeted at the high-end environment and supports CardLink and provides access control for one door.

The B-web 96 60 facilitates management of up to 10, 000 employees and data is transmitted in encrypted form to host systems.

“We are very pleased to offer these products to our market,” says Guenter Nerlich, Managing Director, AWM360 Data Systems. “The rate of uptake of time and attendance and access control solutions is increasing in emerging markets, as decision makers look to acquire easily integrated and cost effective technology to help manage these important facets of the business.”