Optimised workforce management differentiates players – AWM360

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In a market in which business success hinges on acquiring the right service from the right provider at the right time, competitive advantage means everything. Service providers focused on technology to streamline business management processes believe the area of Access and Workforce Management is pivotal to any credible venture today – and, if managed correctly, will result in efficiency and ultimately more market share.

Guenter Nerlich, Managing Director of AWM360 Data Systems, says more businesses are investing in automated and integrated Workforce Management solutions to acquire this efficiency, characterised by improved labour cost and enhanced operations. “This technology helps a company control these costs, minimise compliance risks and improve workforce productivity.”

This approach is endorsed by experienced service providers like AWM360 Data Systems. Its executive leadership advises that reliable and sustainable hardware is a critical component to a robust and effective WFM solution.

“On the software side of things all potential actual and future requirements in the filed of WFM for a company should be available and easily unlocked,” Nerlich adds.

The Company is the local distribution partner of Kaba AG, Switzerland, a leading global manufacturer of products for Workforce Management and Enterprise Data Collection. Kaba®  solutions are implemented and run in South Africa with companies with a staff complement of between 200 and 13 000 people.

“As the Kaba® authorized partner for Southern Africa, we design and implement these solutions covering time and attendance, access control, shop floor data collection, ERP solutions and biometrics. In addition, we offer training and maintenance and support,” Nerlich continues.

The alliance continues to meet the need for solutions that are characterised by easy-to-implement hardware and software.

Any business can benefit from an automated WFM solution because automating rules and regulation ensures payments are made according to employee schedules. This prevents unnecessary payments of overtime due to unauthorised shifts, early or late departures and other HR issues.

AWM360 Data Systems has achieved significant success in rolling out its workforce management infrastructure to address issues like time and attendance, as well as business process management, at clients such as AfriSam (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd. and PFG Building Glass.

Executive management believes the Workforce Management area will continue to expand and grow in influence as the need for more streamlined, cost effective and resilient business management increases.