Shop floor data collection

– By Jessica Winterbach, Uniclox Technologies.

Within your company it is of utmost importance to track and manage the performance of your staff as well as the use of resources. Shop floor data collection is the process of monitoring production and staff productivity within your business, allowing you to measure outcomes and deliverables against results. With this solution you will be able to track time taken to complete tasks as well as provide you with assistance in labour disputes as you will be able to provide detailed, factual reports on the performance of your staff during shifts or working hours.

The productivity of your staff is also key to the performance of your business, affecting your bottom line each year. Keeping track of how well your staff perform is imperative. Even in a factory of over 500 staff members, one person who does not perform can cause a disturbance in your entire production line, costing you time and money. Constantly monitoring your shop floor and the efficiency of your staff can equip you with the knowledge you require to streamline your production processes and cut manufacturing costs, which will in turn positively impact your bottom line at the end of each year.

With a shop floor data solution you can monitor access, time and attendance, time taken to complete tasks and whether your staff are productive or unproductive, allowing you to assess where productivity is lacking and equipping you with the correct information to make decisions on how best to streamline your business processes to ensure maximum productivity.

Shop floor data collection is a comprehensive solution to time keeping and management of the productivity of your business, allowing you to be in complete control of your business processes and efficiency.