The essence of effective workforce management

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Achieving solid and reliable workforce management is about using the right technology and applying the right approach. Human Capital Management (HCM) and HR services and solutions specialist AWM360 Data Systems is focused on helping companies position workforce management technology integrated with ERP strategies to grow their businesses.

The company was started in 2010 and is an established business technology partner and solution provider within the Southern African HCM and Workforce Management Solutions markets.

AWM360 Data Systems sets itself apart from competitors by virtue of the fact that it has taken over sole distributorship of a wide range of hardware and software solutions manufactured by the dorma+kaba Group, Switzerland, to the Southern African market.

The dorma+kaba Group difference

The dorma+kaba Group is a global, listed company and leader in the worldwide security industry based in Switzerland. The company’s access control, time and attendance and shop floor data collection solutions are deployed at commercial premises, facilities and sites and its portfolio of personnel and enterprise data collection solutions are designed to meet customer requirements for security, organisation and convenience.

It is the trusted partner to clients that want to leverage off integrated ERP-integrated workforce technology to boost operations.

“We know that businesses want the benefit of integration and cohesive communications infrastructure – and that infrastructure must be linked to their ERP strategies. The way this technology is laid out has a profound impact on the efficiency of business disciplines like access control and time and attendance,” explains Guenter Nerlich, Founder and Managing Director, AWM360 Data Systems.

Guenter and his team compete at the forefront of biometric solution development and implementation, particularly that which effects Time & Attendance and Access Control.

Numerous providers have accepted the challenge to provide hardware and software solutions to these markets and there is a great range of products being introduced in order to secure a portion of the market and capitalise on growth.

“There are a variety of biometric-based solutions available, which cover the entire spectrum of the market – from lower-end, security-minded to the full security-conscious user or company. Most effective and sustainable solutions are of higher quality and allow for deeper integration into existing ERP solutions,” he adds.

Effective Workforce Management (WFM) and WFM– Solutions can benefit any business, irrespective of which industry or sector. In fact, there is a growing appreciation for solutions that help SMEs manage resources effectively and that help to secure a fast return on investment, as well as that realise the benefit of productivity and a more streamlined approach to operations.

This is essentially where Workforce Management can- and does make a significant difference – by enhancing components that make up the workplace, in order for improved operations, productivity and output.

Workforce Management has been identified as primary considerations for business leaders and critical components of any sustainable operational strategy.

This has a direct bearing on any sized venture, in any segment of the market and at any stage of development.

One of the key aspects of effective workforce management is certified Integration into existing ERP systems.

“Be it SAP, Microsoft Dynamics or Oracle – a certified integration enables companies to leverage off their existing investments into such systems. In addition, a seamless integration eliminates the need for additional data bases or software solutions and ensures secure data transfer and the concept of one single point of intervention – master data maintenance as well as final processing of the collected data, i.e. for payroll,” Nerlich adds.